Wednesday, April 3, 2013

mistakes were made.

Full of pride after successfully making a cover for Mark's kindle, I recently volunteered to make my colleague a case for her tablet.  Although I measured the tablet myself, I lost the dimensions and later found myself with the time and motivation to make her cover, but no dimensions at hand.  She had her tablet nearby, but no ruler!  With a little googling, she was able to text me dimensions and I got to sewing on my merry way.  It turned out just as well as Mark's did, I thought!

hot off my sewing machine.
same coordinating elastic and button closure.
love the navy and white polka dot interior.
found this button in my stash. 
ready for a tablet!

Unfortunately, she didn't have her tablet with her when I gave her the case, but later texted me this photo:

that... doesn't look like a good fit.

The moral of the story is: don't depend on the internet for the answers to all problems.  My father in law is right (rules of the wood shop): You better measure twice, because you only cut once.

love the finished product... but mistakes were made, so amendments will be required.

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