Monday, March 24, 2014

new beginningsI

It seems fitting that I'm returning after almost a year-long hiatus to blog a baby quilt and shower. I hope that this will be a new beginning for me with this blog just like the weekend was about celebrating the impending arrival of a new life. I didn't mean to be away so long; life kind of had her way with me, however. I was not at all sad to see 2013 transition into the new year, but I am immensely excited for all the love and fun that 2014 will bring!

Chief among them is the arrival of my niece or nephew next month.  To celebrate, I threw my sister in law a party. Full of awesome bites, easy games and handmade presents. See for yourself!

Our wedding bunting, still useful and cheerful!
The food table. We like to eat when we party!
Still using those vintage sheet cloth napkins!
Games and handmade vintage sheet goody bags!
Baby shower guest art. Each guest took a rainbow ray to write a blessing/prayer/hope for the baby.
I must confess, I am really proud of the way this original idea turned out!
The baby quilt I made for my niece or nephew - front.
A closer look at all those triangles.
Love this detail on the backing!
The back of the baby quilt.
So proud of this binding job. I am also now IN LOVE with clover wonder clips.
It has been some time since I quilted with new cotton fabrics (instead of vintage sheets). I'm loving the crinkle!
Too many photos of binding?
My sister in law and baby!
It was a great weekend and a great excuse to sit back down at my sewing machine. I did need to take a nice long nap on Sunday after church, but hopefully I'll be back soon with more sewing updates.