Friday, March 22, 2013

mark's ukulele kindle cover

Cross that one off the list.  A year later.

Mark received a Kindle from his parents for his birthday January of 2012, and approximately... one year later I got around to making him a cover for it.

Time really flies, doesn't it?  Good thing it's custom-made for him and has ukuleles on it, so that makes up for all those months his poor Kindle spent naked.

Kindle in cover - front.
Kindle in cover - back.

I cannot remember the designer of this fabric, but I bought some as soon as I saw it because at the time, Mark was just learning to play the ukulele.  Which means I probably had it in my stash earmarked for some project for Mark a year before his parents gave him the Kindle.  I still have some left, so if I ever remember my original plan I can probably still execute it.

Kindle case fits the Kindle Touch like a glove.

I lined the pouch in a yellow and white circle fabric I picked up at the thrift store.  Which hardly matters because you barely see it.  But just in case you were worried, it does coordinate.

Lining of Kindle case.

I used an elastic hair tie for the closure.  I'm a big fan of this type of closure.  First off, you get to pick a cool button, and I love buttons, so any excuse to add them to a project is good news to me.  Secondly, hair elastics are cheap, come in many colors and are relatively reliable (it's unlikely a hair tie will unravel, for instance, the way a ribbon would).

Elastic closure. 
Kindle case opening.

That button?  It's wooden!  And I got it as part of a swap I did one month last fall through Swapmamas.  I haven't swapped again, but I would recommend it to others.

Detail of wooden button and stitching.

Mark sure was happy when I gave it to him.  And I actually enjoyed making it.  I know my Etsy shop currently has no listings, but if anyone ever wants a custom Kindle, ipad, tablet etc. case, I'm happy to arrange a custom order.  These puppies are lined with 100% cotton needled batting, top stitched to give a thick and sturdy feel, fully lined but lightweight and everything from the fabric, to the button, elastic and thread can be customized to your preferences.  Makes me wish I had a Kindle so I could make a case for it from vintage sheets!

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