Tuesday, April 9, 2013

101 posts!

Amazingly, miraculously, my previous 'it's spring!' post was my 100th post!  Which means of course, that this is my 101st post!  It feels like a milestone, a tremendous milestone, to this long-break-taking blogger.

I'm writing this from Houston right now, where I have kind of been for the last few days (there was a trip to Waco in there, also).  I'm sunburnt from a field trip with my niece's pre-K class, but I've already been outside today and the weather is glorious.  I can hear (doves? maybe?) some kind of birds cooing outside, and my Mama's wind chimes going out the back of the house where her mightily impressive container garden lives.  I'm wearing my dad's super 80s acrylic sweater because it was the only thing clean we could find to fit me when I was cold (no, I did not pack a sweatshirt for Texas).  Last night I got to eat Indonesian food.

Also, even though I fully intend to post this blog for Tuesday, it's actually Saturday.

And I've been thinking there are certainly things about this Texas home that I miss, and that I love.  My family and friends foremost.  The way the sun shines in Texas.  Texas wildflowers (cow slips, Indian paintbrush, black eyed susans, BLUEBONNETS, oh my!).  Cattle in fields.  Mexican food and Barbecue.  H-E-B.  But keeping it real, there are things I don't love, too (tailgaters!  sunburn... lots of stray animals).  More than anything else, I am suddenly acutely aware of how much I love my life.  With Mark and with Moses, in expensive DC, in our messy, tiny apartment with all of its flaws.  Even when it snows, when all the washers and dryers are taken, when we can hear our neighbors through the wall (they can probably always hear us), even though there is no family where we are.

I guess what I'm saying is that things are never going to be perfect!  There will always be some fault which can be found in any situation.  But, if you can say at the end of the day that you are mostly happy, then damn.  What a blessing.

Bringing it all back around to the blog, this blog is just like that.  I'm not perfect in my blogging.  Sometimes, there are things I want to blog about but I don't get any photos.  Or there are things that I photograph and have nothing to say about.  Sometimes I'm very consistent and sometimes I take six months off... but all in all, I'm truly mostly very happy with this place.  It has been a blessing to me to be able to create a space where I can share with anyone who manages to stumble here snippets from my life, things that I make, eat, love.  Hopefully you find some beauty here.  So here's to 101 posts in this place and 101 more!

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  1. Congratulations on your 101(th?) post!!! I do enjoy reading your writing, and getting glimpses into your life-STALKER...not!
    Thanks for sharing, whenever you do post!