Wednesday, March 21, 2012

those Y-seams have earned their reputation

"Homemaker," block #47.
This Farmer's Wife block is by far the most difficult we have done so far. It involves Y-seams, which I don't believe I have ever done before. Mission accomplished... somewhat. As Leslie said, I had to iron this block into submission! I'm fairly sure that I had to rip out every seam in this block at least once. I sewed the white pieces on wrong first, and then the middle triangles on wrong a few times, and then those Y-seams. In any case, I accept the condition of this block (just don't look too closely at the corners of the square). Then I don't have to re-do it!

I love the bold light and dark purple fabric in this block. Both that print and the lighter purple floral were acquisitions from etsy (my seller also has a blog)!  I've never bought vintage sheets from anywhere other than the thrift store, but my collection is sorely lacking in the purple. Eventually, I'd like to be selling fat quarters of sheets on etsy myself, but at this point, my blog is unknown and therefore, I think my store would be, too.  A dream for another day (and a larger space)!

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