Monday, March 19, 2012

look at my cute little dog.

We've (I've) been getting better at going for walks of late, and since spring is here in full bloom, I've been taking lots of photos on our walks. More and more I feel like I'm noticing annual things for the first time. How fast the blooms fall from the tree by our building, how vibrant the purples get, how delicate the cherry blossoms. How spring smells. I've been loving that about our walks. Now, if only I could remember all of this when I think of walking up and down that stupid hill!

"I'm even cuter when I lie in grass strewn with flower petals, aren't I?"
this is the garden where we'll have a plot this spring/summer/fall.
very interesting tree fungus
"Um... mom? That's enough pictures, I think..."
delicate cherry blossoms
look at these crazy purple buds!
by some strange and incredible act of nature the clusters of these things grow at equally spaced intervals on each branch. My kinda tree...
"I think this 'puppy in petals' picture thing is starting to get a little old..."

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  1. Moses is so adorable with all these petal backgrounds! The one with purple dogwood blooms is my favorite. And I love the tiny yellow flower in the bottom right of the first shot!!