Tuesday, March 6, 2012

family successes

This entire post is not particularly related to handmade things except for the lives we make every day. Mark and I recently celebrated some personal successes and I'd like to share!

Last semester, I took a photography course at American University to help me understand how to use my digital camera better. Or, at least that was why I thought I took the course!  It turned out that I actually developed (pun intended!) a love of black and white film photography. My digital skills were enhanced by the experience I had with Mark's film camera. Our final assignment was a series of 8-10 images with a cohesive theme. I chose the seminary: my home, my work, my community-- and explored with my camera corners I walk by every day. My images were on display this spring in the seminary's gallery (with other contributions from the community). I've never been part of an exhibit like that before!

posing with my seminary photographs.
a photo of my favorite photo.

Also related to the seminary (and much more exciting), we celebrated Mark's recent success: admission! He will begin his seminary studies in the fall, and joins basically his entire family in theological study and contemplation (really. Mark's brother Josh is a pastor, his wife and my friend Ashlinn and I are MTS grads, Mark's grandfather is a local licensed pastor, and Mark's father is currently a DS in the United Methodist Church).

Mark opens his admission packet...

Congratulations! Excitement!

the excited admitted student and future seminarian.


  1. Congratulations Amy on your photography success!! It doesn't suprise me, you are so artistic/crafty/creative!!!

    Congratulations Mark on your acceptance to Wesley!! May your studies be exciting and fulfilling!!!

  2. Thanks, mom! It felt very good, for both of us!