Tuesday, March 13, 2012

chicken spiedie's

I had never heard of spiedie's before I was introduced to Mark's family (although, because I met Mark through his brother Josh and Josh's wife, Ashlinn, I was introduced to spiedie's before I met Mark), but it is some good stuff, people. Basically a bottled marinade used to flavor meat (but especially chicken breast), and eaten on buttered bread, or as we like, buttered rice, it's easy to make and impossible not to enjoy.  We included this in our wedding menu and when we visit Mark's family I am always sure to pick up a few bottles. Actually, last time we were there, we loaded up so that Santa could bring some to Texas for my family to try.

we let them get nice and dark on one side.

There are many varieties of spiedie's, although before this week I had only had the original and the Italian. We decided to try the buffalo flavor, and made a large batch of it so that we could have buffalo chicken & blue cheese salads.

doesn't this photo make your mouth water?
Preferably, these are skewered and grilled, but we don't have a real grill, and while we technically could have done these on our griddler, we opted for the faster, cleaner broiled method and were not disappointed.

Our salads were phenomenal, although the original spiedie's still reigns supreme in my opinion. If you ever get the chance to get your hands on a bottle of this marinade, seize the opportunity! An example of regional 'flavors' at their best (spiedie's is definitely an upstate New York thing)!

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