Tuesday, February 7, 2012

for valentine's day

Back in January when Mark and I returned from our Houston-home-for-the-holidays trip, I transitioned our apartment rather quickly from Christmas to Valentine's Day.  Christmas gets more than its fair share of attention when it comes to decorations in our house (and likely others' homes as well).  Valentine's Day, however, is underrepresented when it comes to household cheer!

And why is that?  I can't figure it out.  Pink and red, hearts and flowers.  I'm not a girly-girl, but I do love the trademarks of February 14th.  In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, I whipped up these pillow cases from thrifted vintage sheets.  I typically only go for the the bright florals when I am thrifting sheets, but I saw the yardage on these red and white prints and jumped on them!  The stripes are actually a marimekko print, and I scored two twin sized fitted sheets.  That made me feel like I won the lottery!

These pillowcases are standard sized, based on some pillow cases I already had.  Their construction does include french seams, however, and they laundered very well!  Film in the Fridge has an excellent tutorial on pillowcases, in case you feel inspired to whip up your own tonight.

the new pillowcases match the back of our quilt, which was also a thrifted vintage marimekko sheet. our lovely quilt was made as a wedding gift by Leslie.  

so inviting!

Mark holds up the finished piece.

Moses also clearly approves!

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