Monday, April 1, 2013

paper pieced pillow

...say that three times fast!

So... awhile ago, I wanted to try paper piecing and I made this:

the Lone Starburst

Although it was a little difficult to get the hang of the paper piecing, I loved it.  Absolutely necessary to have the Add a Quarter Ruler, which I do, thanks to my sister and brother in law (thanks, Ash! thanks, Josh!) who gave me a whole set for Christmas!

What I love about paper piecing is that you can utilize scraps really well while paper piecing small sections, such as with the Lone Starburst pattern (free for download, too).  I underestimated the size scraps I would need many times while adding a piece, but I think with practice I could get better about estimating scrap size.

I didn't want to commit to piecing additional blocks for a quilt (plus, I have several quilts in progress right now and do not need another one), so I turned my single block into a pillow cover.

pillow cover!

I got "creative" with my quilting.  This creativity might backfire after several washes... I did backstitch a few stitches each time I began and stopped, but I think I still risk the quilting coming out over time.

the stitches make it look more interesting!

I continued that creativity to the back of the pillow, where I quilted line approximately 1" apart in a diagonal grid pattern.  I used my hera marker and ruler to mark my lines and quilted with my walking foot.  I love the effect!

imperfectly quilted grid.
close up. I used white thread, because I wanted to see the stitching.

Then I installed a regular zipper and called it a day.  Although I have installed invisible zips on pillow cases before, I discovered Robe Zippers last time I was at JoAnn's.  They are cheaper than invisible zips or extra long zips, and longer too.  I shortened mine before installation.

I used a 'robe zipper'.

I love that the pillow case opens all the way, to make putting the pillow insert in or taking it out for washing easier.  And, I think this is my most attractive pillow case (made OR bought) yet!

Project: Accomplished!

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