Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alanna's 5th Birthday Quilt

Backtracking again, through the things I have recently done but did not blog, here is the quilt I made for my niece's 5th Birthday:

Alanna's 5th Birthday Quilt: Purple Gingham.

I wanted to make her something big because the 5th birthday seems like a big one.  After all, it's after the 5th birthday that children in the US typically start kindergarten, begin learning to write their own name and tie their shoes.  Plus, they also have the social development to be able to play games and generally are a little more fun and independent.

I kept the stitching simple.  I wanted her to receive it on time, and it mimics the simplicity of the quilt.

Her favorite color is purple, so I focused on that in this quilt.  I used two shades of kona purple solids, a white solid and a vintage lavender and white striped sheet for binding.  I bought the supplies and sewed up the entire quilt top in Binghamton in December.

I love the gingham look effect!

This isn't he first blanket I've made for Alanna, but it's definitely the most exciting and grown-up.  It's just her size, so she can use it for naps, cuddling on the couch or bring it on a sleep over (at age 5, I'm fairly certain that is something she is allowed to do!).

Mark was super excited to step out into the hallway to hold it up for me to photograph.  As you can tell.

I used a super soft vintage sheet for the backing.  I love the floral print here, and there is purple although it's not overwhelmingly purple.  I used new fabrics for the quilt top, so I had to sneak in some vintage sheets for the backing and binding.  It's surprisingly difficult to find good purple vintage sheets.

Not to draw attention away from the quilt, but excuse Mark's socks.  I was too lazy to crop this photo.
Close up of floral vintage sheet.

I am not often timely with my gifts, a deficiency I am trying to work on because it seems so much more important with children.  But this gift was finished and received on time!  Alanna was able to open it at her birthday party.  Sadly, Mark and I couldn't be present, since we live 1,500 miles away.  But my lovely sister captured the moment, and I think Alanna really liked her quilt!

Yes, that is a Trader Joe's paper bag and pink ribbon.  Have I mentioned I don't believe in wrapping paper?
First glimpse!  She looks excited!
Not sure what it is...
It's a quilt!  And she loves it!  Hooray!

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