Thursday, June 28, 2012

eating around these parts

buying just one avocado is really hard for me!
Mark and I have been making a concerted effort of late to cook more at home and eat out less.  It's always something we feel we should do but we definitely adhere to the idea more at certain times than others.  These last few weeks we have been good!  We've also been working on not over-buying at the grocery store (which is something I didn't even realize we were doing).

I was really impressed with Skinnytaste's Quick Black Beans.  I know we'll be making these again- they are vegan, too!

This week, we've made several things at home that I've been proud of.  We've been using our crock pot a lot as a way to get a hot dinner without heating up the apartment-- and in temperatures like these, it's not just ideal, it's absolutely necessary!

This half crock pot, half stove top chicken ropa vieja utilized chicken from our freezer and canned tomato sauce from our pantry.
Last night I managed to snap some photos before we sat down to eat.  It was a complete skinnytaste meal, all around!  At lunch, I started the crockpot so that the Chicken Ropa Vieja would be ready for me to complete when I got home from work, and it smelled fantastic when I walked in the door.  I made Gina's Quick Black Beans and used her recipe for Cilantro Lime Rice as a basis for making red quinoa with lime.  We topped our bowls with a little 2% shredded cheese, avocado and pickled jalapenos for a fully satisfying meal.  I'm kicking myself for not photographing the quinoa, but it was the last dish of the meal to finish cooking and when it was done, we just had to eat!

I also decided to give Nutmeg Nanny's Cinnamon Buttermlk pie a go, since I had leftover buttermilk from making biscuits.  I haven't tasted it yet, but it sure looks pretty!
I'm in love with these plates.  Sadly, you can't buy them in the store anymore.
Mark and I have concert tickets tonight, and I've made up some of the pie (which features a graham cracker crust) in individual ramekins.  We're going to pack a picnic and enjoy it during the concert.  Can't wait til dessert!
cinnamon buttermilk pie: tonight's dessert!

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