Tuesday, May 22, 2012

wild horses

welcome visitors!
wildlife everywhere!
a warning. we didn't see any horses do these things, though.
Assateague National Park has been on my trip list for awhile. Besides wanting to explore the National Parks from coast to coast, this particular park has the allure of wild horses. While we were at the beach several weeks ago (you know, during the whole month of April when I never wrote?), we took a few hours and drove out to the park.  We got lucky because it was National Parks Week (free admission) AND because we saw horses everywhere!

no fees during National Parks Week!
there were several horses chilling on the beach near some campsites.
nap-time: 30!

she needed a backrub.
this fellow may be a horse, but I think you can still describe him as 'emo'.
Horses were definitely a highlight at Assateague, but we saw all kinds of wildlife.  We pulled off on one of the park roads to see a bald eagle snatch something from a marsh and take off.  We saw marine wildlife scooped from the water by rangers giving a demonstration.  And there were several types of birds with which I was unfamiliar.

bald eagle in flight
white heron? egret?
there were clouds of these butterflies.

We enjoyed our Saturday visit so much that we made a visit on Sunday, as well.  We weren't as lucky spotting horses on Sunday, but it was still a beautiful day and we were able to explore another area of the park.

Dave took this photo for us.  I didn't get any photos of Dave and Leslie at Assateague!

so peaceful.

oudoor shower doesn't look so bad... especially when it's on the beach!
Assateague has campsites, and Mark and I discussed going back to camp on the beach. This is just another reason to be excited about the impending summer-- camping is one of the things I have learned to look forward to the most when it comes to seasonal activities.  I am certain we will have a camping adventure at least one weekend this summer!

these look like strawberry flowers

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