Friday, May 18, 2012

building a blouse, pt. 3

blouse no. 3

I made this several weeks ago, when Mark and I unexpectedly (or at least with less planning than is typical for us) found ourselves in Binghamton for the weekend. We hadn't scheduled our visit that weekend, partially because we were planning a weekend trip the following weekend, and partially because we had just come back from Easter (and have you seen the cost of gas lately?!), but Mark scheduled an important meeting. My parents-in-law were coordinating a 5k that weekend, which we walked together (slowly) on Sunday,  but Saturday I was left with whatever I had grabbed from my sewing stacks on our way out the door.

I worked a little on some older WIP (works in progress), but when my supplies for that ran out, I decided to return to the quest for a perfect summer blouse.  Summer is coming soon, and blouse no. 1 didn't cut it.  Blouse no. 2 is more of a success now than I thought it was when I made it, and after blouse no. 3, I might be going back.

I installed a zipper in a garment without a zipper foot!

In any case, I used New Look pattern 6754, which I picked up at JoAnn's at one of their regular $1.99 pattern sales.  The fabric (while not as cheap) was also a reasonable cost with a coupon.  After I began reading the instructions and cutting out the pieces, I realized I would need a zipper.  Luckily, Mark was headed out to his meeting and agreed to pick up a zipper for me (armed with a swatch of material for color-matching purposes).  He came back from his meeting just time for me to sew it in.  And, it matched!  Good job, hubs.  I now have the confidence needed to send you out to the fabric store again...

this blouse has the same type of arm and neck bindings-- but this blouse has darts!

This pattern was not as simple as blouse no. 2, although this pattern also touted multi-sizing.  There were actually two different pattern pieces for each piece you would cut out-- to accommodate the different sizing.  Unfortunately for me, my sizes spanned both pieces, so I actually had to lay one piece out, mark to a certain point and lay the other piece out and continue marking.  I think the multi-sizing (while necessary for proper fit for me) did not do me any favors in terms of ease of completion in this project.

I was using Leslie's sewing machine (which I may be in love with), and I found that the pieces sewed up together faster and cleaner than on my machine.  She didn't have a zipper foot, so I winged that part (and had to redo it once) but in the end it came out okay!

wearing new blouse with stylish blue skinny belt

The fit of the pattern is a little off for me.  While it fits under the arms and is an acceptable length, the blouse is too wide from seam to seam.  If I were to make this pattern again, I would cut out 1-2" from the middle of the pattern.

back of blouse while on

This blouse is not a complete bust. I love the colors and have a few different other items that match/coordinate well with it (including yellow flip flops with flowers on them that mimic the flowers in the print)!  I like the zipper and feel like I made it well, although the fit is off.  My mission is still incomplete - I think I'll be trying the Wiksten Tova tank next - but I like my new shirt anyway!

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