Wednesday, March 28, 2012

what does victory look like?

Sometimes, victory looks like this:


Mark's. (Sealants won him a 50 point advantage- I never caught up).
Or this:

Mine. (Hexagon, Tread, Greedy, Grimy, Tinkers, Blonde, Forceps, Bulemic, Bile)
 But SOMETIMES... victory looks like this:

#26, folks. the big one!
  1. bathroom medicine cabinet
  2. underneath the bathroom sink
  3. Moses' toys & treats
  4. tea 
  5. cloth napkins
  6. cookbooks 
  7. media cabinet 
  8. DVDs
  9. important papers drawer 
  10. magazines 
  11. tanktops
  12. pajamas
  13. T-shirts
  14. fabric... dun Dun DUN
  15. silverware drawer
  16. notepads/journals/notecards
  17. under the kitchen sink
  18. unfinished projects
  19. sweaters
  20. books
  21. dishes/kitchen cabinets/above the fridge
  22. pantry
  23. socks/underwear
  24. paperwork: filebox
  25. shoes
  26. the massive mound of sewing stuff eating our loveseat
  27. holiday decorations
  28. camping gear
  29. patterns
  30. ribbon
  31. sand
  32. spices
  33. our cars
  34. jewelry
  35. Mark's music folder
  36. medicine drawer
  37. towels
  38. tool box
  39. china hutch
  40. freezer

 I also bought these lovelies last week, finally spending money that was given to me at Christmas time:

fuschia. matches nothing... or matches everything?
This means I will be simplifying my shoes by saying a final goodbye to these guys:

very, very old and cheap flats with an assortment of maladies (general wear and tear, holes in the soles and odor issues!)
Easter is practically tomorrow, so it couldn't be a moment sooner!

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