Monday, March 26, 2012

having space

Moses knows the value of space.
Mark and I got to spend this past weekend in Binghamton with Mark's parents. We got to go for walks together, make meals together, play games together, and even see Mark's cousin in The Secret Garden at her high school production. Leslie and I sewed, Mark played guitar and even Moses got to stretch out. It was such a wonderful weekend for so many reasons. It seems unfair to talk about space in the same breath as all of the great family time, but the subject is on our minds these days, and more relevant after a weekend of living freely in a large space- and then returning home to our restricted quarters.

Having room to breathe is important. Having a space that is yours is important. In our tiny apartment, Mark and I make it work- we capitalize on vertical space by having floor to ceiling bookshelves. We do our best to keep things organized so we can find them. Most recently, we have begun actively working on reducing the number of things that clutter our lives (and apartment!). We generally always have a place to sleep and a place to relax. But we don't always have space for the things that we love-- Mark, his guitar, and I, my sewing machine. And we don't have space to grow.

The importance of space is pressing heavily upon me now as we consider where our space will be for the duration of Mark's seminary career. For me, those three (likely) years will encompass the end of my twenties. I'll move into my thirties and my flexibility will diminish and my desire for permanency will continue to strengthen. I'm not trying to be unreasonable; I am not ready to plant our family in one location for the rest of our lives. But as we consider our family needs and how they may shift in the next three years, I cannot fathom that we will be able to be satisfied with our small space. I admire others who are able to do it, but I do not kid myself that I might be among them.

There's no conclusion to these thoughts, just as there's no resolution to our space dilemma at present. I suppose it's good just to recognize that space is something we (all) value.

why lay in a corner when you've got the whole room?

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