Tuesday, February 28, 2012

trying not to fail

Moses: "me loves the sun."
I'm still working out the tension issues on my machine. I completely dissembled the foot plate? and am in the process of hunting down that elusive bobbin screw. I've googled my fingers numb looking for an online fix, but everything I've read on my machine says that bottom tension is meant to be self-regulated. I don't accept that my machine needs to be taken into a shop- I just don't really sew that much. But, I also can't stomach the sight of the stitches on the back of my fabric. The bottom stitches are so awful!

So, until I can work it all out, here's a photo of Moses, lying in the sun and doing nothing else. He just loves the sun. He's not really napping, he's just enjoying it. It's not exactly patience- I think that would be a photo of Moses executing the 'stay' command (we're working on it). But really, I need to adopt this attitude instead of feeling panicky about 'getting behind' on my blog. I would like to put up new posts Monday through Thursday with legitimate content and Friday with a single image, giving myself the weekends off to catch up and create. But, if I miss a day, that doesn't mean that my blog will be a wash (there is such a thing as 'failing' at blogging. Believe me. I know). I just need to keep plugging away when I am able and any visitors I might have (hi, Mom! hi, Elaina!) will just read what is added, when it is added and not point a finger if it's not exactly on time.

Phew. Glad that's off my chest.

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