Monday, February 20, 2012

a story about cauliflower

So, as I mentioned before, Mark and I follow the Weight Watchers points plus program (when we are being good).  If you are not aware, potatoes are relatively high in points plus value, yet highly desirable in American culinary society (ie, my tastebuds.)  As a substitute, cauliflower often does the trick.

We experienced this awhile ago when we tried a cauliflower puree with butter and cream cheese instead of mashed potatoes.  Yes, we could tell the difference.  But despite this difference, we felt satisfied with the cauliflower puree.  It was tasty and it filled the space of mashed potatoes and it was a vegetable, meaning we could tick off more boxes (shout out to daily health guidelines).

So I was eager, if anything, to try another recipe using cauliflower to substitute a high point food.  In this case, the high point food was pizza crust!

I originally came across this idea on pinterest, and ultimately used the recipe found here.  Although I did think it was tasty, I wasn't completely satisfied with the substitution this time.  I would try  the recipe again, but I would bake the crust on foil on top of a wire rack, instead of a jelly roll pan to keep the cheese from burning (or at least, an attempt to keep it from burning).  Then, I would adjust the oven temp to make sure the crust got really brown without burning before it was topped.  I would also make the crust thinner.  I think that would help a lot!

a big bowl of 'riced' cauliflower.

Shaped like a pizza crust!

it almost looks like pizza crust... I think this is a little too thick, though.

Looks like real pizza, doesn't it?

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