Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a few recent mini projects

I work.  And, when I get home, much earlier than many people do from a traditional work day (it helps that my commute is non-existent, though), I like to eat dinner and decompress.  It takes work for me to prepare to make things.  I have to clear space, first.  I have to locate supplies.  And that all has to be coordinated with what Mark is doing and where he is doing it in our shared space.

So, I don't really get around to making things until much later in the evening.  And, as you can imagine in a space our size, there's no sleeping when there's noise and no sewing without noise.  So, there's no late-night sewing in the living room while Mark sleeps next door in the bedroom.  It leaves precious little time for making!

That means, I have to make the most of the time I've got.  And, I need to feel successful in my projects- if I only had long-term projects that were always works in progress, I'd never feel successful.  I need quick wins sometimes.  It's why the Farmer's Wife blocks have been such a hit over here.  It's why I don't mind starting new, small projects while other larger projects are still in the works.  And, it's why I make things even when I'm at home sick.

I was home sick a few weeks ago and pulled out the embroidery (which is nice because it requires little space and can be done in bed).  I have little patience to go with my little time, so I couldn't be bothered with printing out a template or finding a pencil to trace with.  I made this by holding my fabric (just a scrap I found) up to my laptop screen and dotting along the line of the 'm' with a fabric pen (I got lucky finding that one).  I love how it turned out, and now it lives on the wall with my fabric hoops (and my empty hoops, another example of the work in progress!).

I ironed it when I was done stitching... next time I won't.  It flattened the stitches a bit.

What do you think?

stitches aren't perfect... but they've got character!
The wall is starting to come together.
I mixed green and yellow embroidery floss to get a color closer to what I was looking for.

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